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Powder for mixing a drink with vitamins and minerals, with sweetener.

Why did we develop ISOTEC+?

Prolonged exercise leads to depletion of muscle glycogen stores and decreased electrolyte levels. This leads to lower energy levels and a drop in performance. ISOTEC+ consists of a mixture of carbohydrates and electrolytes and is available in the delicious, natural flavor Elderberry - Lemon.

How did we develop ISOTEC+?

ISOTEC+ was developed to supply your body with energy. Different carbohydrates allow you to perform better and have the best possible absorption of electrolytes. Electrolytes also provide you with salt lost through sweat.


ISOTEC+ contains 15g carbohydrates per serving. Electrolytes from sodium, potassium and magnesium support your body.

Who is this product suitable for?

ISOTEC+ is suitable for EVERYONE, whether endurance sports, fitness studio, hiking or as a drink in the morning to fill up your body with important electrolytes and minerals. It also provides you with electrolytes and energy and is therefore suitable for every athlete and sport.

Consumption recommendation:

Mix 20g of powder (about 1 scoop) in 500ml of water. Mornings, right before, during or after training are ideal times.

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