Vegan Protein Bar

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  • vegan
  • based on broad bean and soy protein - roanded off with pea protein isolate
  • high fiber content
  • high protein content of 11g per bar
  • low sugar
  • as a healthy snack or between meals
  • available in two delicious flavors

The Mammut Vegan Protein Bars are vegan protein bars based on broad bean and soy protein. In addition, the product has been roanded off with pea protein isolate in order to achieve optimal biological availability.

Regardless of whether you eat vegan consciously or simply have the motivation to do without animal products, with our Mammut Vegan Protein Bars we offer a good alternative to conventional snacks.

The bars are available in different flavors Chunky Peanut Caramel and Triple Chocolate. Both bars are vegan, low in sugar and free from aspartame.

The vegan bars are coated with a chocolate couverture, which does not contain any sugar. In addition, the bars can score with a high protein content of 11-12g per 45g. When coloring the protein mass, we deliberately avoided using additives and instead used apple and hibiscus concentrate. The Vegan Protein Bars continue to offer a tasty alternative to protein bars based on collagen hydrolyzate and provide all the essential amino acids. For athletes in particular, it is extremely important to pay attention to the supply of essential amino acids, as these e.g. are necessary for building and maintaining muscle mass *.

Furthermore, it is extremely important for athletes that the insulin level does not rise rapidly and then fall again quickly in order to be able to benefit from the energy supplied for as long as possible. For this reason, the bars have been optimized with the fibers acacia fiber and polydextrose and have a fiber content of more than 6g. Fiber is indigestible for the human body, stimulates intestinal activity and supports the health of the body's intestinal flora. In addition, dietary fibers increase the feeling of satiety, which is why the Mammut Vegan Protein Bars are also recommended as a snack.

Consumption recommendation:
Mammut Nutrition recommends consuming 1 bar per day, ideally after training or as a snack.

* Proteins contribute to maintaining and increasing muscle mass.
Nutrition Facts - Chunky Peanut Caramel
average nutritional values pro 100 g pro Riegel 45 g
Energy 1530 kJ (370 kcal) 689 kJ (166 kcal)
Fat 19 g 8,7 g
- hereof: saturated fatty acids 10 g 4,6 g
carbohydrates 28g 13 g
- of which sugars 2,5 g 1,1 g
fiber 14 g 6,2 g
protein 25 g 11 g
Salt 0,74 g 0,33 g

Ingredients - Chunky Peanut Caramel:
Chocolate couverture (sweetener: maltitol, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, oat extract powder, emulsifier: lecithins, natural flavor), 13% Soyproteinisolat (Soyprotein isolate, emulsifier: lecithins), 13% broad bean protein, 11% caramel flavor filling (filler: polydextrose, sweetener: maltitol, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat (coconut oil, shea), cocoa butter, coloring food: apple and hibiscus concentrate, emulsifier: lecithins, table salt, natural flavor) , oligofructose syrup, 9% roasted peanuts (peanuts, rapeseed oil, salt), 7% polydextrose (fiber), water, humectant (glycerin), coconut oil, low-fat cocoa powder, acacia fiber, salt, flavoring, pea protein isolate, sweetener (sucralose).
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